Q&A: Practising Electronically In Ontario

Q: Under what conditions can members of other provincial regulatory bodies practise social work in Ontario?

A: Under the terms of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, which came into force on July 1, 2017, members in good standing of a Canadian social work regulatory authority may practise electronically in another province. In order to be registered to practise electronically in Ontario, an applicant from another province must hold a certificate of registration, licence or permit for social work that has been issued by a Canadian social work regulatory authority, which authorizes them to practise the profession of social work, or to use a title or designation relating to the profession, or both. Applicants must also meet all the requirements of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) application (including academic verification of a social work degree for those registered in Alberta and Saskatchewan).

To find out more about the registration process for electronic practice in Ontario, whether as a member of, or an applicant to, the OCSWSSW, please visit Practising Electronically in Ontario and Certificates of Registration.