Upcoming Hearings

If you would like to attend a discipline hearing, please contact the Hearings Office by email at twray@ocswssw.org. Please note that the College reserves the right to limit the number of participants.

Hearings of the Discipline Committee are, with some exceptions, open to the public. The matters posted here have been investigated and referred to the Discipline Committee for a hearing by the College’s Complaints Committee or the College’s Executive Committee.

This information regarding upcoming hearings of the Discipline Committee is intended to advise members of the College and the public about the nature of the allegations to be considered by a panel of the Discipline Committee in determining whether the allegations are founded or are unfounded.

Information about scheduled hearings is updated as it becomes available.

Hearing dates can change at any time. Please check the schedule regularly for changes.

For hearings that are held in person, the hearing will take place at the College, located at 250 Bloor St. East, Suite 1000, Toronto, unless otherwise stated. Seating is limited and is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Otherwise, hearings will take place via electronic means. If you would like to attend a hearing, please review the College’s Attendance at Discipline Hearings Fact Sheet for more information.

Hearings at the College are wheelchair accessible.

Notice of Hearings

Kaitlyn Braun – #837154TBAOCSWSSWmore
Damilare Michael Kujore – #840614TBAOCSWSSWmore
Laura Dowler – #817972TBAOCSWSSWmore
George Theodoris – #327485TBAOCSWSSWmore
Osaro Sylvester – #817628July 22ndOCSWSSWmore
Sinisa Najcler – #812328TBAOCSWSSWmore
Sinisa Najcler – #812328TBAOCSWSSWmore
Cathy Brohman – #819420TBAOCSWSSWmore
Peter Snow – #820349July 23rdOCSWSSWmore
Jeff Packer – #803200TBAOCSWSSWmore
Pamella Seaton-Brissett – #801986TBAOCSWSSWmore
John Fellows – #806992TBAOCSWSSWmore
Jennifer Houston – #821873TBAOCSWSSWmore
Sanu Augustine – #830735TBAOCSWSSWmore
Jennifer Thompson – #819625TBAOCSWSSWmore
Jeff Packer – #803200TBAOCSWSSWmore
Embarka Naima Hazem – #831897TBAOCSWSSWmore
Darrell William Jacques – #816207TBAOCSWSSWmore
Kelly-Anne Savage – #825879 TBA OCSWSSW more
Kelly-Anne Savage – #825879 TBA OCSWSSW more
Gerlinde Goodwin – #801560TBAOCSWSSWmore
Kelly-Anne Savage – #825879TBAOCSWSSWmore