Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The College is committed to continuing its work on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion as they relate to the materials that we develop and our organizational practices and processes.

As noted in the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, College Council identified increasing diversity, equity and inclusion as a strategic priority of the College. The broad objectives within this overarching priority are intended to respond to the concerns of all equity-seeking groups, and to enhance equity and inclusion across organizational processes, resources and materials.

To achieve this strategic priority, the College will:

  • Provide more educational resources to support members in practising ethically and professionally, with a focus on considerations related to equity, diversity and inclusion, in the best interests of the individuals, families and communities to whom they provide care and services.
  • Review the Standards of Practice and revise as necessary.
  • Develop partnerships with Indigenous communities to begin to implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada’s calls to action within the regulatory context.
  • And more.

We will continue adding resources and updates as they are developed and become available.

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The College’s role as regulator

The College’s ongoing mandate is to protect the public interest through the regulation of social work and social service work. We must always consider and reflect upon our role as regulator with respect to the important issues of diversity, equity and inclusion – a role which is distinct from that of a professional association, whose mandate includes advocacy.

While advocacy falls outside of the College mandate, we do have a key role in providing guidance and resources to our members that empower them to employ sound clinical and ethical judgment in making decisions that will benefit the individuals, families and communities they serve. This includes considerations that members must take into account related to equity, diversity and inclusion.

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