Council Committees

The College has several statutory and non-statutory committees on which Council members and some non-Council members serve. Statutory committees are those the College must have according to the Social Work and Social Service Work Act (the “Act”). Non-statutory committees are those the College Council may establish on an as-needed basis.

The composition of the statutory committees are prescribed by the Act, however, the composition of the non-statutory committees may be determined by Council.

Please note: Information about individual members of committees other than the Executive Committee is not available on the College website or shared publicly. This supports the College’s commitment to ensure fairness in all of its processes and ensures that committee members are not contacted directly about allegations or other matters. For more information about Council, please contact

Statutory Committees

Executive Committee
Chair: John Fleming, Public Member, Council Chair

Complaints Committee
Chair: Sue-Ellen Merritt, RSSW

Discipline Committee
Chair: Charlene Crews, RSSW

Fitness to Practise Committee
Chair: Charlene Crews, RSSW

Registration Appeals Committee
Chair: Elayne Tanner, RSW

Non-Statutory Committees

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
Chair: Sanjay Govindaraj, RSW

Election Committee
Chair: Carrie McEachran, Public Member

Finance and Audit Committee
Chair: Mandi Olson, RSSW

Governance Committee
Chair: Chisanga Chekwe, Public Member

Nominating Committee
Chair: Alexia Polillo, Public Member

Standards of Practice Committee
Chair: Sandie Sidsworth, RSSW