Professional Practice Update: New Online Booking System for Practice Consultations and Other Announcements

In this update:

  • NEW! Online booking now available for practice consultations 
  • Reminder: Invitation to share your feedback through the ASWB Census
  • Reminder: 2024 Continuing Competence Program readings
  • Stay tuned: Updates to the College’s Practice Guidelines on custody and access

NEW! Online Booking Now Available for Practice Consultations  

We are excited to announce a new online booking system to request practice consultations with the Professional Practice Department: This new system will streamline requests to consult with the Professional Practice staff about an ethical or practice dilemma that registrants are facing. 

Through the online booking system, registrants can select specific areas of focus for their practice consultation, including:

  • the Continuing Competency Program (CCP);
  • private practice; 
  • out-of-province practice; and
  • general consultation. 

During a practice consultation, Professional Practice staff will help to identify the Standards of Practice that are relevant in a particular scenario and that will guide ethical decision making. Professional Practice staff can also provide additional College resources, including Practice Notes, Practice Guidelines and other information to support registrants in their practice.

For questions or inquiries about the Professional Practice Department’s new online booking system, contact the Professional Practice Department at

Reminder: Invitation to Share your Feedback through the ASWB Census

As mentioned in a March 1st eBulletin, the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB), the association that develops entry-to-practice exams for social workers and social service workers, is inviting feedback from registered social workers and registered social service workers through their Social Work Census.

It is important to note that the ASWB is also seeking feedback from social service workers even though they are referencing this initiative as the “Social Work Census.” 

Results from the census will be used to build the blueprint for the next iteration of the social work exams, as well as in the development of the new social service work exams. These will be the versions of the exams that the College will be using when the entry-to-practice exam requirement is implemented in 2027. As College registrants, we hope you will consider taking part in this census as your feedback is important to us.

The census is available through the end of May. Complete the census here.

For questions or comments about the census, contact the ASWB at

For inquiries related to the College’s eventual implementation of entry-to-practice exams, contact the Communications Department at

Reminder: 2024 Continuing Competence Program Readings

The College encourages registrants to get started on their 2024 Continuing Competence Program (CCP). The CCP is a condition of College registration which ensures that registrants stay current in their practice and is mandatory for all College registrants, except those holding a retired class of certificate of registration.

To complete the CCP, registrants are required to:

  • Review the Standards of Practice every year.
  • Complete a self-assessment.
  • Set goals and carry out learning activities based on their self-assessment.

As part of the 2024 CCP, registrants are also required to review the following practice resources: 

For more information on the 2024 CCP, visit the College website or contact the College’s Professional Practice Department at

Stay Tuned: Updates to the College’s Practice Guidelines for Custody and Access Assessments

After receiving feedback from registrants stating that the Practice Guidelines for Custody and Access Assessments are outdated and do not provide sufficient guidance, the College is now undertaking an update on the Practice Guidelines to reflect current practice

The College will be seeking feedback from registrants on the draft revisions – stay tuned for more information.