Your registration with the College demonstrates to the public that you are qualified and current in your practice – that you continue to learn and develop as a professional. In accordance with the Registration Regulation made under the Social Work and Social Service Work Act (SWSSWA), all members must provide evidence of continuing competence to practise social work or social service work, according to the guidelines set by the College.

The Continuing Competence Program (CCP) is mandatory for all members of the College (except those holding a retired class of certificate of registration), and includes those who are not currently practising, are members of the inactive class, are on maternity, parental or sick leave, or who registered late in the year. Its primary purpose is to promote quality assurance with respect to the practice of the professions of social work and social service work, and to encourage members to enhance their practice in an ongoing way. This is one way in which the College fulfils its mandate of public protection.

The College has developed the following educational video to assist members in understanding and completing the CCP.

Based on an adult education model, the CCP requires members to:

  • Review the standards of practice every year.
  • Complete a self-assessment based on those principles.
  • Set goals and carry out learning activities based on their self-assessment.

Learning activities are defined broadly. In addition to courses or workshops (online or in-person), they can include attending lectures and in-service training, conducting research, reading journal articles, supervising students, or serving as board members of a professional association or other organization, for example. Every year, you are required to make a declaration of participation in the CCP, as part of the annual renewal process.

The Registration Regulation made under the Social Work and Social Service Work Act gives the College the authority to suspend members for non-compliance with the CCP.

Members can download their CCP documents from this website and save them to their computer for future updates. 

The CCP involves four steps as follows:

Step 1 – Review The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Handbook and Other Documents
Step 2
– Complete the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT)
Step 3
– Complete the Professional Development Plan (PDP)
Step 4
– Complete the Declaration of Participation in the CCP and Retain Your CCP Portfolio

For more information on the CCP, visit our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further questions, please contact the  Professional Practice Department.