Survey Findings Regarding Employers Paying Registration and Renewal Fees – What Employers Need to Know

The College recently conducted a brief survey to gain insight into employer practices related to registration fees for social workers and social service workers. These valuable insights help the College gain a better understanding of employer practices and how employers support their social work and social service work staff members.

When asked if their organization covers the cost of the College annual renewal fee for social work or social service work employees, almost 82% of participants responded “no.”

Additionally, the survey revealed that only 33% of participants were aware that employers have the option to pay for the College annual renewal fee for their employees, while 63% were unaware that this was a possibility. It’s important for employers to recognize that they can indeed pay these fees, providing essential support and benefits for their staff in the process.

Assisting social workers and social service workers with the payment of their registration and renewal fees further demonstrates an employer’s commitment to professional and ethical care for the communities and clients served by your organizations.  

Employers interested in taking advantage of this option are encouraged to reach out directly to the College:

Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey!