Message from the Registrar and CEO: Maintaining Client Safety – A Collaborative Responsibility

Pieces of a circle coming together: collaboration

As the provincial regulator for social workers and social service workers, the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (the College) is responsible for maintaining client safety. However, this fundamental responsibility is not ours alone. It is part of a broader public protection infrastructure, meaning we must work collaboratively with key community partners, including employers, on this commitment.  

Several articles in this current issue of the Employer Communiqué address our shared responsibility for maintaining client safety. We have a feature article on mandatory reporting – a process that alerts the College if there is a concern that a social worker or social service worker is not practising safely. The report then allows the College to take further action to protect the public. We also have an FAQ piece with helpful tips on when to contact the College regarding job applicants who may be incorrectly using our protected titles.

These articles were developed from conversations we had with employers during the fall 2023 virtual webinar. We greatly appreciate the feedback provided, and we hope that the articles illustrate our commitment to listening to employers about issues that impact you. We will continue to support employers by creating resources that allow us to work collaboratively towards achieving our shared goals of making well-informed decisions that serve the public interest.

In addition to these articles, we want to remind you about the existing resources that can assist you and your employees in maintaining client safety. Be sure to check out the Resource Room and the Employers section of our website. Employers are also strongly encouraged to check the Online Register as part of your recruitment process, as well as the Unregulated Practitioners page. You may also want to review the information we have provided on titles and designations.

As we work together, we can ensure appropriate systems are in place to further protect service users. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts with you, moving forward in our joint responsibility to maintain client safety.


Denitha Breau, RN, MSN, MBA
Registrar and CEO