Q&A: Can Field Education Be Used Towards the Completion of My Continuing Competence Program?

I am an OCSWSSW member who regularly provides field education to social work/social service work students as part of my practice. Can I use this experience as a learning activity towards the completion of my Continuing Competence Program (CCP)?

Yes. The CCP’s primary purpose is to promote quality assurance with respect to the practice of social work and social service work. The program encourages members to continually enhance their knowledge and remain up to date in their practice throughout their careers.

In keeping with an adult education model, the CCP requires members to identify their own professional learning goals and activities. The CCP defines learning activities broadly in order to enable all members to participate fully in this mandatory program. Members are free to choose what activities they will work on in order to achieve their learning goals; field instruction in social work or social service work could certainly be an accepted learning activity.

The College has developed the following educational video to assist members in understanding and completing the CCP:

For more information on the CCP, please visit the College website or contact ccp@ocswssw.org.