<b>Q&A:</b> What Are the Benefits of Following the College on Twitter?

Q&A: What Are the Benefits of Following the College on Twitter?

Following the College on Twitter is one of the more direct ways members can stay up to date on College and regulatory affairs.

The College encourages its members and the public to connect and engage with us on Twitter as well as our LinkedIn and YouTube accounts. The benefits of following the College’s Twitter account include:

  • Connecting and engaging with the College and its members.
  • Receiving the latest College news updates, previews and alerts.
  • Gaining access – in real-time – to College events, such as the Annual Meeting and Education Day (AMED) and Educational Forums.

For the upcoming AMED, members can join the event on Twitter by following and using the #AMED2017 hashtag.

Community guidelines

The College has established community guidelines for its social media channels to encourage participants to engage in a way that is respectful of others. These guidelines are based on the College’s key principles of being professional, ethical, qualified and accountable.

A PDF version of the College’s community guidelines can be viewed online.

Social media in practice

The College has developed professional resources to help members navigate the waters of digital communications. We invite members to check out the following Practices Notes:

For all practice-related inquiries, please contact the Professional Practice Department at practice@ocswssw.org.

For more information on the College’s social media accounts, please contact John Gilson, Communications Officer, at jgilson@ocswssw.org.