Registration Appeals Committee

Chair: Elayne Tanner, RSW

As part of its duty to serve and protect the public interest, the College is required to have a Registration Appeals Committee. The Committee reviews matters related to the registration of applicants in the College. If the Registrar proposes to refuse a certificate of registration to an applicant or proposes to place a term, condition or to issue a limitation on a registrant’s certificate of registration, to which the person does not consent, the applicant is given notice of the Registrar’s proposal, with written reasons for it. The applicant is notified that they have 60 days to request a review of the Registrar’s proposal. If the applicant requests a review, the Committee shall conduct the review.

In 2022:

  • 15 requests for review were received (eight social work, seven social service work).
  • A total of 21 requests for review went before the Committee (13 social work and one social service work received in 2021; six social work and one social service work received in 2022) with the following results:
    • 16 decisions with reasons were issued (13 from 2021, three from 2022)
    • Four decisions were made in principle (all from 2022)
    • One request was withdrawn (from 2021)