College Update on 2024 Registration and Renewal Fees

At its May meeting, College Council made the carefully considered decision to approve the recommendation of the Finance Committee to increase registration and renewal fees for 2024. This is the first time the College has increased fees in four years. Council’s decision, though necessary, was not made lightly. We understand that the impact of inflation is challenging for many of our registrants.

Registration and renewal fees will be increased by $40. The new fees are:

  • Renewal fee for registrants: $400
  • Registration fee for new registrants: $400
  • New graduate fee: $300
  • Registration fee for the inactive class of registration: $200

Application fees and fees for the retired classes of registration will not increase.

The new fees will come into effect when registrants renew their registration for 2024, with the renewal season beginning in late November 2023.

Why Have Fees Increased?

Every year, the Council thoroughly examines the College’s financial situation and the broader environment, reviews cash flow projections, and approves fees for the following year. The costs associated with regulating over 28,000 social workers and social service workers must be covered entirely through registrant fees.

The College has avoided increasing fees for as long as possible; however, like so many other organizations, we are also experiencing significant inflationary pressures. This fee increase – the first in four years – is necessary to ensure that the College can continue to carry out its regulatory obligations and operate effectively and efficiently, as set out in legislation.

Budget Deficit
For the last several years, the College has been operating on an intentional deficit budget, drawing down on the reserve to fund operations. As we plan for the next few years and reach the recommended minimum threshold for the reserve, it is necessary to increase fees to ensure that we are well-prepared for potential risks or unknowns that the College may face in the future.

Increase in Services and Programs
To support its steady growth over the past few years, the College has had to increase its staffing in order to continue to provide services to registrants, applicants, employers and the public in a timely manner. Since the last fee increase four years ago, registration has grown by almost 6,000 registrants.

The College also has several important initiatives underway or anticipated over the next few years. These include: a new database that will streamline the application process and allow registrants to update their profile and complete the renewal process more easily; implementation of the Equity and Inclusion Data Initiative; and a broad sexual abuse risk mitigation strategy which will include a counselling program for clients who have been sexually abused by College registrants. All of these initiatives are essential to our role in protecting the public – and all must be funded entirely through fees.

We hope this information provides the context for the fee increase.

For all questions about fees or the fee increase, please contact Registrant and Renewal Services at