Invitation to Share Your Feedback: Equity and Inclusion Data Initiative Survey

The College is preparing to collect demographic data from registrants on a voluntary basis as part of the renewal process, through the Equity and Inclusion Data initiative. We invite you, our registrants, to consider providing your feedback. We want to ensure that this initiative is informed by the perspectives of all registrants, who bring different lenses and lived experiences.

We expect to launch this initiative in the 2024 renewal season, which will begin in late November 2023. Once the initiative is implemented, registrants who choose not to answer any of the Equity and Inclusion Questions will still be able to complete the renewal process. Responding to the questions will be completely voluntary.

Please read the Equity and Inclusion Discussion Paper and the Equity and Inclusion Questions before completing the survey.

The survey will be available until April 19, 2023.


If you have any questions about the Equity and Inclusion Data initiative, or at any time you experience technical difficulties or have any questions and/or concerns regarding the survey, feel free to reach out to the Communications Team at

Thank you for your time and your support for this important initiative.