Professional Practice Update: New FAQs on the Administration of Naloxone and Other Announcements

The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (the College) is pleased to share the following updates and resources to support members’ practice and protect the public interest.

New FAQs on the Administration of Naloxone

The College’s Professional Practice Department continues to receive many inquiries related to the administration of Naloxone.

We have developed frequently asked questions to offer guidance on this topic and support members who may need to provide life-saving care by administering Naloxone to their clients or the public, including the following:

Q: Can I Administer Naloxone?

A: As a social worker or social service worker, you are permitted to administer Naloxone. During a life-threatening emergency due to an opioid overdose, any individual can administer Naloxone.

If the administration of Naloxone is an expected part of your professional role, the College expects that you will have a formal delegation from a regulated health professional (e.g. a physician, nurse, pharmacist) in place before administering Naloxone. A formal delegation protects the public by ensuring that they receive Naloxone treatment from a competent and authorized professional.

You should ensure that you are up to date with the information and guidance around the administration of Naloxone and consult the Practice Guidelines for Medication Practices which includes an appendix on the administration of Naloxone.

The following College practice resources may also assist you in practising ethically and professionally:


Reminder: 2022 CCP Required Readings

As part of the 2022 Continuing Competence Program (CCP), you are required to review – along with the Standards of Practice – the following practice resources:

Please note: The CCP is mandatory for all members of the College (except those holding a retired class of certificate of registration), and includes those who are not currently practising, are members of the inactive class, are on maternity, parental or sick leave, or who registered late in the year.

Visit the College website for more information on CCP learning activities, documents, evaluation, frequently asked questions and more.

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