DEI Task Group Meeting Highlights – June 29, 2021

  • Council Co-Chair Sanjay Govindaraj, RSW, welcomed the Task Group members and led a round of introductions at which Task Group members shared some of their background, lived experiences and reasons for their interest in being part of the Task Group.
  • Brian Seng-Low, RSSW, was selected by Task Group members as non-Council Co-Chair.
  • The Registrar and CEO, Lise Betteridge, gave an overview of self-regulation, the legislative framework under the Social Work and Social Service Work Act, governance and operations at the College, key priorities under the 2020-23 Strategic Plan and the steps that led to the creation of the Task Group.
  • Council Co-Chair Sanjay Govindaraj led a discussion about the Task Group’s Terms of Reference.
  • The Task Group reviewed the confidentiality provisions in the Act, the College’s Communications Policy, the Code of Conduct and meeting guidelines.
  • The Task Group considered the draft Work Plan and agreed that further discussion would be needed to identify priorities and first steps. Among items discussed were: accessibility; the engagement of a consultant; the collection of race-based data; the scope of a review of bylaws, policies, processes and resources; and meaningful engagement, particularly with Indigenous communities.
  • It was agreed that the Task Group will strive to meet more frequently for the next 2-3 meetings as it begins its work.