Council Meeting Highlights for September 6, September 7, 2018

The Council is the 21-member governing body and board of directors that manages and administers College affairs. The policies developed by Council provide direction to the College and to staff.

September 6, 2018

  • The following Council members were elected by Council to the Executive Committee:
    • Shelley Hale, RSSW – President
    • Lisa Seburn, RSW – Vice-President
    • Déirdre Smith, Public Member – Vice-President
    • Toula Kourgiantakis, RSW – Executive Member
    • Mukesh Kowlessar, RSSW – Executive Member
    • Rick Lamb, Public Member – Executive Member
  • Council reviewed the outgoing President’s Report.
  • Council received orientation and training from Crowe Soberman LLP regarding financial reports and Council responsibilities.

September 7, 2018

  • Council approved the recommendations of the Nominating Committee with respect to the member composition and chairs of statutory and non-statutory committees.
  • Lise Betteridge, RSW, Registrar, and Laura Sheehan, Deputy Registrar, presented their report to Council. The report provided updates on: registration and membership statistics including the College’s retention strategy; the annual Fair Registration Practices Report for the Office of the Fairness Commissioner (OFC) as well as OFC’s audit; an overview of the College’s recent service disruption; the College’s ongoing communications initiatives including employer outreach; the upcoming Educational Forums and Employer Roundtables; stakeholder outreach through the Professional Practice Department; the College’s continued involvement within the regulatory community; and the College’s launch of an unregulated practitioners webpage.
  • Council reviewed the Statement of Financial Position as of June 2018.
  • Council reviewed the Statement of Operations for June 2018.
  • Council reviewed and approved in principle the 2019 Budget Work Plan/Strategic Plan.
  • Council reviewed and approved in principle the Support Person Program – Sexual Abuse Allegations.
  • Council reviewed the report from the 2018 Annual Meeting and Education Day.
  • Reports were received from the following statutory committees: Executive; Complaints; Discipline; Registration Appeals; and Fitness to Practise.
  • Reports were received from the following non-statutory committees: Standards of Practice; Election; Nominating; Finance; Governance; Corporations; and Titles and Designations.
  • Council reviewed and approved Bylaw 109, amending Bylaw 66 with respect to revisions to: Practice Guidelines – Consent and Confidentiality with Children and Youth; Practice Guidelines – Custody and Access Assessments; Practice Guidelines – Medication Practices; and to the Standards of Practice – Principle IV: The Social Work and Social Service Work Record.
  • Council reviewed and approved Bylaw 110, amending Bylaw 1 in regards to requiring members to provide information about their membership in other professional regulatory bodies, both in Ontario and in other jurisdictions.
  • Council reviewed and approved Bylaw 111, amending Bylaw 36 with the addition of new eligibility requirements including a one year cooling off period for candidates for election to Council who hold a position on the provincial governing body of any professional association involving social work or social service work or on the executive of a collective bargaining unit involving social work or social service work.
  • Jim Dunsdon presented his Council Evaluation Report to Council.
  • Council reviewed and approved revisions made to: Policy B-006 – Role of President and Vice-Presidents; Policy B-019 – Evaluation Instrument; Policy B-028 – Council Policy and Evaluation; and new governance policy – Committee Evaluation Policy and Evaluation Template.