Council Meeting Highlights for December 3, December 4, 2015

The Council is the 21-member governing body and board of directors that manages and administers College affairs. The policies developed by Council provide direction to the College and to staff.

  • Bob Thompson, RSW, President, presented his report to Council. The report touched on a number of topics, including: orientation and training for committee chairs; the upcoming strategic planning process; the appointment of the Deputy Registrar; as well as the occasions at which the President represented the College and Council at meetings and events.
  • Lise Betteridge, RSW, Registrar, presented her report to Council and outlined the College’s progress on a number of identified priorities, including online member cards and tax receipts, the CCP evaluation, and new Council Member Orientation. She also shared statistics on membership and renewals and gave updates related to operations, practice and regulatory leadership.
  • The Registrar announced that Laura Sheehan will be joining the College as Deputy Registrar, effective January 11, 2016.
  • The Annual Meeting and Education Day, as well as the Educational Forums, will now be presented as part of the Glenda McDonald Educational Series.
  • Council reviewed and approved the Financial Statements as of October 2015.
  • Council reviewed and approved the Statement of Operations for October 2015.
  • Council went in camera to discuss the 2016 Budget, as well as an update on a confidential legal matter
  • Proposed amendments to the Registration Regulation concerning the elimination of the Provisional Class and the creation of a new Retired Class of Registration were discussed. These changes were approved in principle by Council.
  • Other proposed amendments to the Registration Regulation, which related to Professional Liability Insurance and Criminal Record Checks, were also discussed. Council will consider further information at its next meeting before deciding how to proceed with these proposed amendments.
  • Lisa Foster, public member, was appointed to Council on October 21, 2015 for a three year term. Lisa was appointed to the Standards of Practice, Corporations and Titles and Designations Committees by the Executive Committee at its November 17, 2015 meeting. Gary Cockman, RSSW, was appointed as her mentor.
  • Council discussed the evaluation summary of the New Council Member Orientation and Mentorship Program. The responses indicated that the New Council Member Orientation, and in particular the mentorship program, was working well to date.
  • Council reviewed the Executive Committee’s suggested topics and speakers for Council professional development.
  • Council reviewed and discussed the Strategic Planning Update presented by the Registrar. The Strategic Planning session will take place during one day of the March 10 and 11, 2016 Council meeting.
  • Council approved revisions to Policy B-007 (Committee Description: Executive) presented by Thomas Horn, RSW, Chair of the Governance Committee. Council also approved as amended Policy B-011 (Role Description: Non-Council Committee members).
  • Bob Thompson, RSW, President, presented his Professional Development Report which summarized his attendance at the Association of Social Work Boards’ Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly.
  • Council participated in an educational session presented by Marc Spector and Cathi Mietkiewicz from Steinecke Maciura Leblanc – Hottest Trends in Regulation and Regulation Gone Wild.
  • Reports were received from the following statutory and non-statutory committees: Executive, Complaints, Discipline, Fitness to Practise, Registration Appeals, Standards of Practice, Election, Nominating, Finance, Corporations, Titles and Designations, and Governance
  • The next Council meeting dates were changed to March 10 and 11, 2016.