Council Meeting Highlights for September 10, September 11, 2015

The Council is the 21-member governing body and board of directors that manages and administers College affairs. The policies developed by Council provide direction to the College and to staff.


  • The following Council members were elected by Council to the Executive Committee:
    • Bob Thompson, RSW – President
    • David Hodgson, Public Member – First Vice-President
    • Greg Clarke, RSSW – Second Vice-President
    • Beatrice Traub-Werner, RSW – 4th Executive Member
    • Gary Cockman, RSSW – 5th Executive Member
    • Lily Oddie, Public Member – 6th Executive Member
  • Finance training was provided to Council by Soberman LLP
  • Council received an educational presentation on the role of the Executive Committee
  • The Registrar presented her report to Council, including current registration numbers and details regarding the Educational Forums, the CCP and membership and renewals
  • Beatrice Traub-Werner, past President of Council, presented the President’s report
  • Council reviewed the evaluation results from the 2015 Annual Meeting and Education Day (AMED)
  • Council approved a recommendation to name the Education Day portion of AMED and the regional Educational Forums in memory of Glenda McDonald, the College’s first Registrar
  • Council received an update on the public awareness campaign
  • Council approved the recommendations of the Nominating Committee respecting the composition and chairmanship of statutory and non-statutory committees
  • Council discussed the mandatory training for Council members, as well as the appointment of mentors
  • Council received an update on the Professional Development Fund
  • Council reviewed and approved Draft Bylaw 97 – amending Bylaw 1
  • Council approved the amendments to the Governance policy Item B – 023
  • Proposed schedule of Council meeting dates was approved for 2015-2016
  • Council reviewed the financial reports as of July 31, 2015
  • Council reviewed the 2016 Budget – Draft Workplan
  • Reports were received from the following statutory and non-statutory committees: Complaints, Discipline, Registration Appeals, Fitness to Practise, Standards of Practice, Election, Nominating, Finance, Corporations, Titles and Designations, and Governance.