Council Meeting Highlights for May 10, 2013

The Council is the 21-member governing body and board of directors that manages and administers College affairs. The policies developed by Council provide direction to the College and to staff.


  • Council received an update on the Deputy Registrar recruitment process
  • Council reviewed the 2012 audited financial statements
  • Council approved the amendments to the following Governance policies: B-023, Committee Reports to Council; B-005, Agenda Development; and B-006, Role of President and Vice-President
  • Council approved the request to form a registration policy task group
  • The Registrar informed Council about a recent meeting with the President of the Canadian Association for Social Work Education
  • Council discussed next steps regarding a registration policy on social work programs offered in Canada
  • Council reviewed the Financial Statements as of March 2013
  • The Registrar reported to Council regarding strengthening stakeholder and public awareness; government relations; operations and regulatory leadership
  • The Deputy Registrar updated Council on the activities and accomplishments of the Membership, Communications and Professional Practice departments
  • Reports were received from the following statutory and non-statutory committees: Complaints, Discipline, Fitness to Practise, Registration Appeals, Standards of Practice, Election, Nominating, Finance, Governance, Corporations, Titles and Designations, and the Annual Meeting and Education Day task group