The College provides support to individuals who have experienced sexual abuse by a social worker or social service worker.

The program is available exclusively to individuals in circumstances where allegations of sexual abuse and/or boundary violations of a sexual nature by a social worker or social service worker have been or may be alleged.

The support person does not provide counselling or psychotherapy services. Their role is to support you as you consider, engage in, and move through the College’s investigations and discipline processes.

The support person is not an employee of the College. They are not a social worker or social service worker. They are a regulated health professional with expertise in sexual abuse and College processes. Any contact you may have with them is confidential and is at arm’s-length from the College. There is no cost for this service.

For information about how to access this service, please contact Francine Reid at 416-972-9882 ext. 305/Toll Free number 1-877-828-9380 ext. 305 or by email at