Filing a Complaint

The College continues to monitor the ongoing impact related to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the College’s physical office remains closed to the public, staff from the Complaints & Discipline Department continue to work remotely. We strongly encourage all stakeholders to submit any correspondence to the department electronically. If you have been contacted by department staff and know the name of the staff member to whom your matter has been assigned, please email them directly. If you do not know where your correspondence should be sent, please email for assistance. Correspondence mailed to the College may experience delays in processing times. Thank you for your understanding.


The College receives a large volume of complaints. In order for the complaints process to run smoothly and efficiently, please be aware of the following:

  1. Make sure you have checked the College’s Online Register to ensure the person you wish to complain about is a registered member of the College.
  2. Review the College’s Guide to Complaints to satisfy yourself that the complaints process can provide the result you are looking for. Be aware that among other things, the complaints process cannot:
    • Award money or damages or reimburse fees paid
    • Require a member to do something; i.e. apologize, or stop doing something
    • Require a member to alter a report written in respect of custody and access or other similar issues
    • Substitute the decision of a member made in the context of an arbitration or other proceeding
  3. Once your complaint is filed, please do not send additional information or raise new allegations. New allegations may require you to file a separate complaint and the receipt of additional information will delay the College’s investigation. The College will contact you if further information is required.
  4. Please be reminded that none of the information received in the course of the complaints process is admissible in any civil court proceeding outside of the College; i.e. Family Court. This includes any responses from the College member and the decision of the Complaints Committee.
Filing a Complaint

Are you a social worker/social service worker, third party service provider (i.e. insurance company) or employer complaining about concerns regarding a social worker/social service worker unrelated to personal services that you have received?