The College is pleased to offer members the ability to securely update their personal information at any time and pay their annual fees to the College online. This initiative is part of the College’s ongoing project to move several of its member services online.

In order to use the online services, members must have a valid email address on file with the College. You will need your College registration number and your password to access the online system. If you have forgotten your password, simply choose the “Forgot Password?” option and follow the instructions to reset it. A new password will be emailed to you at the email address on file with the College.

Ready to renew?
Visit our Online Member Services to renew your membership.

If you have any questions about the online services, you may:

  1. Check out the FAQs section of the online member services.
  2. Contact the College: 416-972-9882 or 1-877-828-9380 or email
For full details regarding the College’s online services, please read our Guide for Online Renewal


Update Your Information

If you change employers or move, you must advise the College online or in writing within 30 days. The College is required to make the current business name and business address of members available to the public on the public register.

You can use our Online Member Services to update the following information easily:

  • Personal information – Home address, telephone number, fax number or email
  • Business information – Business name, telephone number, fax number or email (Contact us if your business name is not listed as one of the existing options)
  • Practice information – your function, setting and practice field

Name Change

If you are changing your name, you must advise the College of both your former name(s) and your new name(s) in writing and include a copy of the change of name certificate or marriage certificate for our records. You may send the information via fax to 416-972-1512, by email to or mail to our address, attention Membership Department.

If disclosure of your business address(es) and business telephone number(s) may jeopardize your safety, please advise the Registrar in writing. The Registrar will assess whether there is a basis for this information not to be made available to the public. In addition, if you use a pseudonym in your practice of social work or social service work for personal safety, please advise the Registrar in writing. In both cases, provide written details. Please do not forget to indicate your registration number on all correspondence with the College.