Graduates of a Social Service Work Diploma Program from a College of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario

If you obtained a diploma from a social service work program offered in Ontario at a college of applied arts and technology, or a diploma from a program that has been approved as equivalent to a social service work program offered in Ontario at a college of applied arts and technology, you will likely meet the academic requirements for the issuance of a general certificate of registration for social service work.

Click here for a list of past and current approved programs.

Please note: Programs from private career colleges do not meet the education requirement(s) for registration in either category of the College (SSW or SW). This applies to any application for registration. Accumulating post-graduate work experience does not alter this.

How to Apply

Please ensure you first read all information related to the requirements for registration, including fees, citizenship and conduct found on the Information for All Applicants webpage.

Applicants with a social service worker diploma from a college of applied arts and technology in Ontario can now apply through the College’s NEW online application portal.

If you would like to submit a paper-based application rather than completing the application online, please contact the Registration Department at

If you are a graduating student and require membership in the College prior to your convocation, but after you have completed all academic and practicum requirements of your social service worker diploma, the Registrar may issue a general certificate of registration provided all other registration requirements are met, and you agree to a term, condition and limitation on your certificate of registration. (This term, condition and limitation will be removed once the College receives verification from your academic institution that you have obtained a social service worker diploma).

Please follow these steps to be registered prior to your convocation:

  1. Once you have completed your application through the College’s online application portal, contact the program coordinator of your social service work program and request that they complete the “Confirmation of Completion of Requirements for a Social Service Work Diploma” form. Program coordinators of Ontario-approved social service work programs have received this form. Ensure the program coordinator forwards the completed, dated and signed form directly to the College.
  2. Once the College receives the completed form from the program coordinator and reviews your application, we will forward to you a “Student/Applicant Declaration, Consent and Undertaking Regarding a Diploma in Social Service Work” form.
  3. Read, complete, date and sign the form and forward it to the College by mail, fax or email.
  4. Upon the College receiving your signed form, the Registrar will continue to review your application for registration.
  5. If the Registrar issues you a general certificate of registration for social service work, with the term, condition and limitation outlined to you, you are then required to provide the College with confirmation that you have obtained your diploma in social service work within the time frame specified in the term, condition and limitation.
  6. Once your diploma has been conferred, arrange for your academic institution to forward an official transcript directly to the College. Failure to do so, within the required time frame, specified in the term, condition and limitation, will result in the cancellation of your certificate of registration.

Once you have submitted your application, the College will contact you if more information is required. Once the College has all your documents, it typically takes four to six weeks to process your application. The process may take longer if the College requires more information. Documents submitted to the College become property of the College.

If you have questions about the application process, please contact the Registration Department at