Finance and Audit Committee

Chair: Mandi Olson, RSSW

The Finance and Audit Committee makes recommendations to Council on matters related to the College’s financial planning, financial management and asset management, including:

  • The annual operating budget.
  • Internal financial controls.
  • Financial policies and fiscal plans.
  • Policies for the investment of funds.

Effective September 2023, the Finance Committee was renamed the Finance and Audit Committee.

In 2023, the Finance and Audit Committee:

  • Reviewed the College’s investment portfolio.
  • Reviewed the draft Procurement Policy, particularly with respect to the Request for Proposals (RFP) process and ongoing service relationships, including audit and legal services and forwarded it to Council for consideration at the May 2023 Council Meeting.
  • Considered cash flow projections and recommended to Council that there be a $40 increase in registration and renewal fees for 2024.
  • Presented the 2024 draft budget and work plan to Council for approval; both were approved at the December 2023 Council meeting.