Election Committee

Chair: Carrie McEachran, Public Member

The mandate of the Election Committee is to:

  • Set the date for each election.
  • Determine the procedures to be followed in carrying out an election and a recount procedure which are not specified in the bylaws.
  • Determine disputes as to whether a registrant is eligible to nominate a candidate to stand for election or to vote.
  • Carry out the functions set out in the bylaws.

In 2023:

  • An election was conducted for social workers and social service workers in Electoral District No. 3 on May 25, 2023. A call for nominations was sent to over 12,000 eligible voters.
  • Two social work registrants and two social service work registrants were elected to three-year terms beginning September 2023 and ending the first Council meeting after the next election in Electoral District No. 3, scheduled for May 2026.
  • The election process was available online, including the call for nominations and the voting process. The following candidates received the greatest number of votes:
    • Gigi Goary, RSW
    • Sana Imran, RSW
    • Charlene Crews, RSSW
    • Madimba Tshibuabua, RSSW
  • The College accepted a resignation from the elected social worker for Electoral District No. 2, which created a vacancy on Council. Bylaw No. 36 required the College to identify social work registrants from District No. 2 willing to serve on Council for the remainder of the term. The current elected members of the Council voted to elect Daniel Afram, RSW, to fill the vacancy.