Practice Notes

Practice Notes is a regular feature in the College’s newsletter Perspective. It is designed as an educational tool to assist Ontario social workers, social service workers, employers and members of the public in gaining a better understanding of how the Standards of Practice may apply to recurring issues in every day practice. The notes offer general guidance only and members with specific practice inquiries should consult the College, since the relevant standards and appropriate course of action will vary depending on the situation.

Consent and Confidentiality

To Report or Not to Report: When That Is the Question
“Setting the Table” – Issues to Consider When Initiating Client Conversations
Meeting Professional Obligations and Protecting Clients’ Privacy: Disclosure of Information Without Consent
Confidentiality and Disclosure of Information without Client Consent
Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest


The Slippery Slope to Sexual Misconduct: Be Informed, Be Aware
Dual Relationships: Ensuring Clients Best Interests Are Paramount
Dual Relationships: Approach with Caution
Boundary Violations

Professional and Ethical Practice

ETHICS→A: Ethical Decision-Making Tool
But “They” Told Me To! Owning Your Professional Accountability
Professional, Ethical, Qualified, Accountable: The Benefits of Registration
Supervision: At the Core of Competent and Ethical Practice
The Inter-professional Team – Asset or Encumbrance?
The Importance of Professional Judgment
Incorporating Adjunct Techniques – What Are The Considerations?
Where Do I Stand?: Understanding the Relationship Between the College and Your Employer
Work Stoppage: Guidelines for Members of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers 


Ethical and Competent Responses to Anti-Black Racism
Administration of Naloxone
Cultural Humility: A Commitment to Lifelong Learning
What’s Legislation Got to Do with It?
The Standards of Practice and the Continuing Competence Program – What is Their Relationship?
“But How Do I know If I’m Competent” – Issues to Consider
Standardized Measures – Am I Qualified to Use Them?

Private Practice

The Question of Third-Party Billing
Private Practice: The Cost of Doing Business
Self-Employment: Look Before You Leap

Relationship with Clients

Clients and Client Systems
Assessment and Goal Setting – Etched in Stone or Moving Target?
Early Endings – Addressing the Challenges of Termination


New and Improved? Making the Shift to Electronic Records
The Broken Record


Professional and Ethical: Communication Technology Practices and Policies for a Digital World
Communication Technology and Ethical Practice: Evolving Issues in a Changing Landscape
Social Media and Practice: Protecting Privacy and Professionalism in a Virtual World

If you have a professional practice question, please email the Professional Practice Department or call 416-972-9882 or 1-877-828-9380.