Reminder: Complete the 2021 CCP

The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (the College) would like to remind all members that now is the time to begin to work on their 2021 Continuing Competence Program (CCP).

Participation in the CCP is a condition of registration and one of the ways that College members demonstrate their commitment to professional and ethical practice. All members (with the exception of those in the retired class of certificate of registration) are required to participate in the CCP.

2021 CCP requirements

The CCP is based on the adult education model and requires members to:

  • Review the Standards of Practice every year.
  • Complete a self-assessment based on those principles.
  • Set goals and carry out learning activities based on their self-assessment. (More on this in the section below)

As part of the 2021 CCP, members are also required to review the following practice resources:

What defines a CCP learning activity?

Members can use a wide variety of learning activities to fulfil their learning goals. In addition to courses or workshops, learning activities may include attending an online lecture, conducting research, reading journal articles, supervising students, or serving as a board member of a professional association or other organization.

A CCP learning activity may also include reviewing one of the following College resources:

For more information on the College’s Continuing Competence Program, please visit the College website or contact