COVID-19 Update


Over the past year, the College has communicated regularly to stakeholders with updates related to the impact of COVID-19. The College continues to take its cues from government and public health authorities and we remind employers and members to do the same.

Practice considerations for social workers, social service workers and their employers

Employers should note that while some members may be permitted to provide in-person services because of the nature of the services they provide, the College strongly advises all members to continue, wherever reasonably possible, to provide services by electronic means.

The College cannot decide on behalf of individual members or employers which of their services are essential and/or when it is safe and appropriate for them to provide in-person services.

Members must make their own determination, based on:

  • their employment setting;
  • the sector and/or clients that they serve;
  • consultation with their employer and a review of relevant workplace policies; and
  • careful consideration of how safety and infection control measures apply to their practice and setting.

Members and employers are advised to consult the College’s practice resources regularly, including:

For more information

Visit the College’s centralized webpage for all things related to COVID-19, including College resources, links to government and public health authorities, FAQs, and eBulletins which have been sent to members and other stakeholders throughout the pandemic.