Winter 2020

New Mandatory Reporting Form and Guide

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In December 2019, the College introduced a Reporting Form to better assist stakeholders, including employers, in fulfilling their mandatory reporting obligations. The Form is a web-based fillable PDF that can be downloaded, completed and submitted online.

The College also introduced a web-based Mandatory Reporting Guide on its website. The Guide provides a brief overview of the College’s mandatory reporting process, and assists employers and other stakeholders by providing them with answers to frequently asked questions as well as the definitions of common mandatory reporting terms.

“The College is committed to protecting the public interest,” said Richelle Samuel, Director of Complaints and Discipline. “The new digital Reporting Form and Mandatory Reporting Guide aligns with our public protection commitment by supporting employers and other stakeholders in their mandatory reporting obligations, ensuring a timely and effective mandatory reporting process.”

An employer’s mandatory reporting obligations

Under the Social Work and Social Service Work Act, employers are required to report the termination of a social worker or social service worker’s employment for reasons of professional misconduct, incompetence, or incapacity. An employer must also file a report if they intended to terminate the member’s employment, but the member resigned before you could do so. Even in situations where the employer agrees to accept the member’s resignation in lieu of termination, the legal obligation to report to the College remains the same.

Reports must be made within 30 days of the termination or resignation of the member, and should be submitted on the College’s Reporting Form.

For more information on the College’s mandatory reporting process, please visit our website.