Complaints and Discipline

One key role of the College is to consider and investigate reports and complaints made by members of the public regarding the conduct of members of the College. The College’s primary mandate is the protection of the public interest, and all information it receives concerning the conduct of College members is assessed with this mandate foremost in mind, while ensuring a fair and just process.

There are two different ways to submit a concern about a member of the College. It is important to know the difference between the two processes before deciding which one to use.

complaint is submitted by a person, usually the recipient of services, and both the complainant and member are parties to the complaint. In the complaints process:

  • The complainant must submit a completed Complaint Form.
  • The College communicates with the complainant during the complaints process to provide updates and may request additional information and clarification from the complainant.
  • Complainants are provided with a copy of the Complaints Committee decision at the end of the process.
  • There is no appeal from a complaint.
  • A decision of the Complaints Committee cannot be used in any civil court proceeding.

report is information about a member of the College that a person or organization wishes or is required to bring to the College’s attention. In the reports process:

  • The reporter is not a party to the investigation. While the reporter may be contacted to provide additional information, they are not provided with updates or a copy of the decision.
  • Upon review of the information provided by the reporter, the College’s Registrar will determine what, if any, concerns will be investigated and will direct the investigation.
  • There is no appeal from a report.
  • A decision of the Executive Committee cannot be used in any civil court proceeding.
  • The reporter must submit a completed Reporting Form.

The Complaints and Discipline staff members provide administrative support to the Complaints, Discipline, Fitness to Practise and Executive Committees. Complaints and Discipline staff members also deal with reports concerning the title protection and holding out provisions of the Social Work and Social Service Work Act.

This area of the site provides details regarding the following processes administered by Complaints and Discipline staff: