About the College

The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) is a regulatory body whose primary duty is to serve and protect the public interest. The College’s mandate is to regulate the practice of social work and social service work and to govern its members.

The College was created when the province of Ontario fully proclaimed the Social Work and Social Service Work Act (1998) on August 15, 2000. College membership is required for any person in Ontario who wishes to use the title “social worker” or “social service worker” and/or “registered social worker” or “registered social service worker”. College membership is required if a person represents or holds out expressly or by implication that he or she is a social worker or a social service worker or a registered social worker or a registered social service worker.

Who to Contact at the College


Lise Betteridge, Registrar
Ext. 225 or email: lbetteridge@ocswssw.org

Laura Sheehan, Deputy Registrar
Ext. 218 or email: lsheehan@ocswssw.org

Monique Guibert, Executive Assistant
Ext. 219 or email: mguibert@ocswssw.org

Pat Lieberman, Manager, Human Resources and Council Relations
Ext. 207 or email: plieberman@ocswssw.org

Contact Pat for Council information.


Paul Cucci, Membership Manager
Ext. 202 or email: pcucci@ocswssw.org

Anne Vézina, Membership Administrator (bilingual)
Ext. 211 or email: avezina@ocswssw.org

For general inquiries please email: info@ocswssw.org


Christina Van Sickle, Director of Professional Practice
Ext. 226 or email: cvansickle@ocswssw.org

Jennifer Burt-Yanoff, Professional Practice Associate
Ext. 227 or email: jburt-yanoff@ocswssw.org

Aleiya Yusaf, Administrator, Professional Practice
Ext. 419 or email: ayusaf@ocswssw.org

Contact Christina, Jennifer or Aleiya with professional practice questions.


Sarah Choudhury, Communications Manager (bilingual)
Ext. 430 or email: schoudhury@ocswssw.org

John Gilson, Communications Officer
Ext. 420 or email: jgilson@ocswssw.org

Contact Sarah or John regarding the College’s website, newsletter, Annual Report and other publications.


Susanne Pacheco, Registration Manager
Ext. 213 or email: spacheco@ocswssw.org

Contact Susanne if you are a graduate of a program in social work or social service work.

Bea Bindman, Registration Coordinator
Ext. 417 or email: bbindman@ocswssw.org

Contact Bea if you are a graduate of a program not in social work or social service work.

For general registration inquiries, please email: registration@ocswssw.org


For information on complaints, discipline and mandatory reporting, please email: investigations@ocswssw.org