If you obtained a degree in social work from a social work program accredited by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE), you will likely meet the academic requirements for the issuance of a general certificate of registration for social work.

How to Apply

  1. Information for All Applicants
    Before downloading the appropriate registration guide, application form and supplemental form, if applicable, please ensure you read the important information (including citizenship, language proficiency and translation requirements) found on the Information for All Applicants page and in the quick links.
  2. Transcripts
    Arrange for your university to forward an official transcript with the institution’s seal and signature of the Registrar directly to the College. Please note the following:
    a. The document must contain your name as it appears on the application form and the name under which you were issued your degree in social work. If the name used on the application form is different from the name on the academic verification, please explain.
    b. The College accepts only original documents directly from the academic institution. Fax, email attachments, your own transcripts or photocopies of your academic qualifications are not accepted and will delay the application process.
  3. Fees
    The registration fee and non-refundable application fee must be enclosed with each application. Click here for more information about the fees.

If you are a graduating student and would like to apply for a certificate of registration prior to your convocation:

  1. Complete an application form and forward it with applicable fees to the College.
  2. Contact the dean/director of your social work program and request that s/he complete the “Confirmation of Completion of Requirements for a Social Work Degree” form. Deans and directors of Ontario-accredited social work programs have received this form. If you attended an accredited program outside Ontario, the College will forward a form to the dean/director upon your request. Ensure the dean/director forwards the completed, dated and signed form directly to the College. Fax, email attachments or photocopies of the form are not accepted and will delay the application process.
  3. Once the College receives the completed form from the dean/director and reviews your application, we will forward to you a “Student/Applicant Declaration, Consent and Undertaking Regarding a Degree in Social Work” form.
  4. Read, complete, date and sign the form and forward it to the College by mail, fax, or email.
  5. Upon the College receiving your signed form, the Registrar will continue to review your application for membership.
  6. If the Registrar issues you a general certificate of registration for social work, with the term, condition and limitation outlined to you, you are then required to provide the College with confirmation that you have obtained your degree in social work within the time frame specified in the term, condition and limitation.

Once your degree has been conferred, arrange for your academic institution to forward directly to the College an official transcript with the institution’s seal and signature of the university registrar. Failure to do so, within the required time frame, specified in the term, condition and limitation, will result in the cancellation of your certificate of registration.

Mail your completed application form, any other documents you submit yourself, and the full fees to the College. Remember, a photocopy of the application or sending the application by fax or email will not be accepted. The review process will begin only after the College has received all your documents and fees. The College will contact you if more information is required. Once the College has all your documents, it typically takes four to six weeks to process your application. The process may take longer if the College requires more information. Documents submitted to the College become property of the College.

Download the following forms if applicable for a general certificate of registration in social work:

*Before completing the application form, please read the registration guide for further requirements.

If you have questions about the application process, you may contact the College at 416-972-9882 or toll free 1-877-828-9380 or email Registration.