The following articles from the Perspective newsletter will help familiarize you with the CCP and offer assistance in completing your Professional Development Plan.

Completing your CCP with Others
What Does “Evidence” Mean
Staying Connected
Getting the Most Out of Your CCP
CCP Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some tips and tools to help ensure that complying with this mandatory program is an opportunity rather than a burden.

  • Do it with a colleague or a group – Even though you are responsible for your own CCP, feedback from others – peers, colleagues, your supervisor or manager – can be an effective way to overcome any blind spots with respect to your practice and your self assessment.
  • Make a date with yourself – Reserve a specific time to update and add to your CCP on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Give yourself credit – Remember to track your CCP regularly. You may want to try transferring items from your agenda to your CCP at the end of every week.
  • Use technology – Download a copy of the CCP documents from the website and open an electronic folder for evidence of your learning activities. This makes documenting and tracking your learning experiences easy and efficient.

Remember… Whether or not this is your first experience with the CCP, you might still benefit from reviewing the Instruction Guide.  You can also contact the Professional Practice Department at for support.