The College reports annually to the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services and stakeholders on the activities and financial affairs of the College.

AR2020: Resilience: Web version
AR2019: Reaching new heights: PDF version | Web version
AR2018: What’s in a Name?
AR2017: Engaging the public. Enhancing awareness
AR2016: The Next Chapter
AR2015: Fifteen Years: Moving Forward
AR2014: Working Together Building Capacity
AR2013: Engaging our Members, Fulfilling our Mandate

AR2012: Embracing Innovation, Maximizing Effectiveness
AR2011: Professional Ethical Qualified Accountable
AR2010: Chronicling our Past Charting our Future
AR2009: Promoting Professionalism
AR2008: One Decade, Continuous Growth
AR2007: Moving Forward with Change
AR2006: Building on a Solid Foundation
AR2005: Committed to Responsible Growth
AR2004: Fulfilling Our Mandate
AR2003: Looking Back, Moving Forward
AR2002: Progress On Priorities
AR2001: Privilege and Responsibility