Ethical and Competent Responses to Anti-Indigenous Racism – Part 1 of 7

Thoughts on Land Acknowledgements

In the fall of 2021, the College’s Director of Professional Practice, Christina Van Sickle, RSW, met with Cheryl McPherson, RSW, to discuss the intersection of social work and social service work practice and Indigenous worldviews.

McPherson is a proud Haudenosaunee woman who currently teaches at Centennial College’s Addiction and Mental Health Workers Program. She has been a practising social worker since 2005, primarily working with Indigenous clients and women who have been trafficked.

The College’s conversation with McPherson was in a spoken-word format inspired by the rich storytelling traditions of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples living in Canada. As McPherson noted, “The oral traditions and storytelling are important to me. I believe using this format helps decolonize the College’s practice resources.”

As part of its 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, the College is committed to developing partnerships with Indigenous communities to begin to implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s calls to action within the regulatory context. In doing so, we recognize that Reconciliation is an ongoing individual and collective process.

The conversation has been divided into seven segments or it can be viewed as a full-length video.

Link to College’s land acknowledgement