Are you a registered social worker practising in Canada who is interested in practising electronically – by exclusive means – in Ontario?

Social workers registered in good standing in another Canadian province or territory who wish to  deliver social work services in Ontario, exclusively by electronic means, may apply for registration with the OCSWSSW and pay a reduced fee.

Click here to learn more about practising electronically in Ontario, including the application process.

You may find it easier to become registered as a social worker in Ontario if you are already registered as a social worker with one or more Canadian social work regulatory authority¹. The Ontario Labour Mobility Act, 2009 states that an applicant currently registered as a social worker with a Canadian social work regulatory authority is eligible to become registered in Ontario without any “material additional training, experience, examinations or assessments”, provided that they meet certain criteria for registration.

Ontario Labour Mobility Act, 2009

The Ontario Labour Mobility Act, 2009, facilitates the process of becoming registered to practise a regulated occupation in Ontario, including social work, for those who are already registered to practise that occupation in another Canadian province or territory. In the case of applicants who are currently registered as social workers by the Alberta or Saskatchewan social work regulatory authority, the College will also assess their academic qualifications as permitted by an exception approved by the Ontario Government under the labour mobility chapter of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT).²

Criteria for registration

If you are currently registered as a social worker with another Canadian social work regulatory authority, you must satisfy the requirements below to become registered in Ontario:

  1. Information for All Applicants
    Before downloading the appropriate registration guide, application form and supplemental form, if applicable, please ensure you read the important information (including citizenship, language proficiency and translation requirements) found on the Information for All Applicants page.
  2. Certificate(s) of Registration
    Provide a copy of every current certificate of registration, licence or permit for social work issued by a Canadian social work regulatory authority.
  3. In Good Standing Certificate(s)
    Download, print and complete Part A of the In Good Standing Certificate for every Canadian social work regulatory authority with which you are currently registered. Send each of these authorities a separate certificate and ask that they complete Part B and Part C, and that they return the completed certificate directly to the College.
  4. Transcripts (For applicants registered in Alberta and Saskatchewan)
    Arrange for your university to forward an official transcript with the institution’s seal and signature of the Registrar directly to the College. Please note the following:
    * The document must contain your name as it appears on the application form and the name under which you were issued your degree in social work. If the name used on the application form is different from the name on the academic verification, please explain.
    The College accepts only original documents directly from the academic institution. Fax, email attachments, your own transcripts or photocopies of your academic qualifications are not accepted and will delay the application process.
  5. Social Work Practice
    You must have engaged in the practice of social work within the five years immediately before the date of the application or otherwise satisfy the Registrar that you are competent to perform the role of a social worker.
  6. Supplemental Form
    If applicable to your application, download, complete, and sign and date the Supplemental Form Regarding Competence to Perform the Role of a Social Worker and submit it as part of your application.
  7. Fees
    The registration fee and non-refundable application fee must be enclosed with each application. Click here for more information about the fees.

The review process will begin only after the College has received all your documents and fees. The College will contact you if more information is required. Once the College has all your documents, it typically takes four to six weeks to process your application. The process may take longer if the College requires more information. Documents submitted to the College become property of the College.

Download the following forms if applicable for a general certificate of registration for social work:

*Before completing the Application Form, please read the Registration Guide for further requirements.

If you have questions about the application process, you may contact the College at 416-972-9882, or toll free 1-877-828-9380, or by email at


  1. “Canadian social work regulatory authority” means a body that is authorized, under an Act of a Canadian province or the Northwest Territories or the Yukon, to issue a certificate of registration, licence or permit which attests to the individual being qualified to practise the profession of social work and authorizes the individual to practise the profession of social work or to use a title or designation relating to the profession or both.
  2. The Ontario Government approved an exception to the labour mobility chapter of the Agreement on Internal Trade for social workers registered in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The Canadian Free Trade Agreement, which came into force on July 1, 2017, replaced the Agreement on Internal Trade. Here is the link to the exception: