Vision Statement

The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers strives for organizational excellence in its mandate in order to: serve the public interest; regulate its members; and be accountable and accessible to the community.

Mission Statement

The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers protects the interest of the public by regulating the practice of social workers and social service workers and promoting ethical and professional practice.


We believe that our Mission and Vision statements are realized when the goals and outcomes of the College and the Council reflect the following:


  • Every individual has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Diversity of perspectives and cultures are recognized and valued.
  • Social workers, social service workers and public members are equally represented on Council and their contributions to the College are valued.

Fairness and Transparency

  • The College strives to provide services that are accessible and available within Ontario.
  • The College’s communication with stakeholders is clear.
  • Policies and processes are transparent and reflect openness, quality and consistency.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Issues are addressed and activities are conducted in an effective, timely and efficient manner.

Leadership and Accountability

  • The College offers responsible and responsive leadership.
  • The College is guided by a strategic plan and is fiscally responsible in its operations.
  • Policies and services are evaluated regularly.
  • Council and staff are credible, knowledgeable and consistent in implementing policies that demonstrate accountability to the public.

Ethical Conduct

  • Council and staff follow an established code of conduct that is consistent with the ethical values of the professions.

Caring Communities

  • The College contributes to creating caring communities through its accountability to the public.