The College has several statutory and non-statutory committees on which Council members and some non-Council members serve. Statutory committees are those the College must have according to the Social Work and Social Service Work Act (the “Act”). Non-statutory committees are those the College Council may establish on an as-needed basis.

The composition of the statutory committees are prescribed by the Act, however, the composition of the non-statutory committees may be determined by Council.

Statutory Committees

Executive Committee
Chair: Shelley Hale, RSSW, President

Registration Appeals Committee
Chair: Rick Lamb, Public Member

Complaints Committee
Chair: Sue-Ellen Merritt, RSSW

Discipline Committee
Chair: Frances Keogh, RSW

Fitness to Practise Committee
Chair: Frances Keogh, RSW

Non-Statutory Committees

Standards of Practice Committee
Chair: Angèle Desormeau, RSSW

Nominating Committee
Chair: Donald Panton, RSW

Election Committee
Chair: Toula Kourgiantakis, RSW

Corporations Committee
Chair: Linda Danson, RSW

Finance Committee
Chair: Mukesh Kowlessar, RSSW

Governance Committee
Chair: Déirdre Smith, Public Member

Titles and Designations
Chair: Frances Keogh, RSW