What Employers Need to Know About Reporting Sexual Abuse to the College

As an employer you have a responsibility to report sexual abuse, or suspected sexual abuse, committed by your employees to the College.

Employers are required to report the termination of a social worker or social service worker’s employment for reasons of professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity – which includes sexual abuse. An employer must also file a report if it intended to terminate the registrant’s employment, but the registrant resigned before it could do so. Even in situations where the employer agrees to accept the registrant’s resignation in lieu of termination, the legal obligation to report to the College remains the same.

If you, as an employer, are also a College registrant, you are required by the Social Work and Social Service Work Act to file a report with the College if you have reasonable grounds to believe that another social worker or social service worker has sexually abused a client.

By reporting sexual abuse to the College, you may help others.

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Employers are encouraged to consult the following webpages for more information on reporting sexual abuse to the College: