Fall 2019

Open Discussion a Highlight of Kingston Employer Roundtable

employer roundtable discussionThe College held an Employer Roundtable in Kingston on October 10, 2019, which was well-attended by employers from the Kingston, Belleville and Hastings areas. As part of the College’s employer outreach initiative, the biannual Employer Roundtable is an opportunity for employers to learn more about the College and its public protection mandate, to share their ideas about how the College can better support employers, and to discuss some of the challenges faced by employers of social workers and social service workers.

Discussion points

College Registrar and CEO Lise Betteridge, MSW, RSW and Deputy Registrar Laura Sheehan delivered a multifaceted presentation that included the regulatory role of the College, history and milestones, and key issues and achievements.

The event included a frank and open discussion with employers regarding actual and perceived barriers to registration. Employers discussed the challenges they experience in recruiting as a result of geography and willingness of social workers and social service workers to relocate to specific areas.

Other factors noted by employers in attendance included a shortage of candidates in specific areas of practice; resistance to regulation in some areas of practice; cost and timing of registration fees; employees who may not be eligible for registration with the College; and reticence (and in some instances misinformation) with respect to the complaints and discipline processes, among other factors.

The College responded to a number of questions regarding the different settings in which social workers and social service workers might be employed; the registration and fees structure; subsidies and bursaries for professional development of staff that are available to non-profits or specific organizations; outreach from the College to universities and colleges; and available outreach, services and resources from the College’s Professional Practice team.

Stakeholder outreach and awareness a College priority

Since 2017, the College has hosted Employer Roundtables in Kingston, Kitchener, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, and Windsor. Strengthening stakeholder and public awareness remains a key priority; the College is proud to provide opportunities such as the Employer Roundtables and Employer Communiqué to further engage with employers across Ontario.

Membership Renewal Season is Now Open

College members must complete their membership renewal and payment for the year 2020 by December 31, 2019. Members can renew their membership and pay their annual fee through the College’s online member services at ocswssw.org/members/members_info.

Renewing membership online

To renew a membership online, follow these easy steps:

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  • Go to “My Profile” to confirm that your personal information is accurate and up to date.
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For more information regarding membership renewal, please refer to the Guide for Online Renewal on the College website.