Winter 2019

Introducing ETHICS→A

Have your employees ever faced an ethical dilemma related to practice? In February 2019, the College introduced ETHICS→A, an ethical decision-making tool that supports members’ ethical and professional practice. Both robust and concise, ETHICS→A reflects the College’s governing legislation, regulations, and Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. The tool can be used in clinical and non-clinical, direct and indirect practice.

ETHICS→A can be:

  • used informally to assist members in organizing their thoughts and supporting their decision making;
  • inserted in the social work or social service work record, if appropriate; or
  • used as a documentation tool in the workplace.

The tool reflects evidence-based practices for ethical decision making and is applicable to the specific environment and context for social workers and social service workers in Ontario.

ETHICS→A can be found under the Professional Practice tab on the College website. The tool may be printed from the webpage or filled out online according to member preference. We invite you to watch introductory video (below) to the ETHICS→A tool. If you have questions regarding the application of the tool to a particular ethical dilemma, please contact the Professional Practice Department at