Fall 2018

Q&A: How Do I Determine Whether a Candidate Is Registered with the College?

The College encourages employers, as part of the hiring process, to check a candidate’s registration status on our Online Register. This is the best way to determine whether the candidate is registered with the College.

As mandated by the Social Work and Social Service Work Act, 1998, the College maintains a register that can be accessed on the College’s website. The Online Register lists all registered social workers (RSWs) and registered social service workers (RSSWs) in Ontario and includes information about a member’s registration status, discipline history (if any) and current employer contact information.

The Online Register includes the following information about social workers and social service workers in Ontario:

  • Name
  • Registration number
  • Previous name(s) (if known to the College)
  • Name of business or employer
  • Business address
  • Business phone number
  • Class of certificate of registration
  • Terms, conditions and limitations
  • Notations (e.g., suspension, cancellation or revocation of a member’s certificate of registration)
  • Other information in accordance with the College’s bylaws
The Online Register is another way that the College fulfills its mandate of public protection.

To learn more about the College, its mandate and how it protects the public, we encourage employers to check out the College Knowledge Quiz. Designed to test an employer’s knowledge, this quiz highlights the many benefits of hiring RSWs and RSSWs.