21 Dec 2017

Important Announcement: Proclamation of the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy

The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers has learned that long-awaited legislative changes concerning psychotherapy will be proclaimed in force on December 30, 2017.

These important developments affect members who practise psychotherapy and/or those who wish to use the title “psychotherapist”.

For details on this important proclamation, including the approved Practice Guidelines for Performing the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy, visit the College’s website.

What does this proclamation mean?
As of December 30, 2017, the controlled act of psychotherapy will be proclaimed into force including the following provisions:

  • provisions in the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (the “RHPA”) setting out the controlled act of psychotherapy and authorizing members of OCSWSSW to perform it in compliance with the Social Work and Social Service Work Act, 1998 (the “SWSSWA”), its regulations and bylaws.
  • the provision in the SWSSWA permitting OCSWSSW members who are authorized to perform the controlled act of psychotherapy to use the title “psychotherapist”, in compliance with certain conditions.

Members of the College may now perform the controlled act of psychotherapy and use the title “psychotherapist”, provided they do so in compliance with the SWSSWA, the regulations and the bylaws.

For more information
Visit the College’s website to learn more about the proclamation of the controlled act of psychotherapy which includes the following:

For more information, please contact the Professional Practice Department at practice@ocswssw.org.