Spring 2019

The Benefits of Field Education for Employers

picture of graduating student

Have you considered providing field education opportunities to social work/social service work students?

Field education is a mandatory practicum requirement for those aspiring to careers as social workers and social service workers. An experiential learning tool, field education helps students develop their professional competency by providing them with an opportunity to apply their knowledge to the practice setting. Field education can also be beneficial to participating employers and their social worker/ social service worker staff members.

For employers

As the recipients of the latest best practices, students can bring a fresh set of eyes to your organization. Students can help you and your staff members stay informed and reflect on your organization’s processes. By offering field education opportunities, employers also demonstrate their commitment to social work and social service work education.

For social workers/ social service workers

Your social worker/social service worker staff members can also benefit as supervisors of field education students. For example, College members can use field education towards the completion of their Continuing Competence Program (CCP) requirements. Many members who have served as field education supervisors have described the experience as very satisfactory and helpful to their professional development.

For more information about field education and its benefits to employers, please contact the College’s Professional Practice Department at practice@ocswssw.org.